Don’t panic

… That silence you hear is the sound of us assessing our apartment for what needs to be changed, built, bought or thrown away before the baby arrives, and us being stunned at the mountain of work ahead of us.

Also, we have no reliable sources of information on whether it’s possible to get by easily in San Francisco with two adults, a newborn, and no full-size passenger car of our own. We have car-share and rentals for when we need one; the last time we drove Devin’s car (a two-seater) anywhere was sometime in early August, so “when we need one” hasn’t been terribly often. I suggested we ask people in our neighborhood, but Devin pointed out that all of them are firmly affixed to their vehicles despite the easy access to public transit here. We’d like to be non-environment-destroying parents here, but we’d also like to be practical. And we’d like to think we can do both at once.

P.S. We found a midwife!

— Beth