Laurel’s favorite book to sleep under: a review

Richard Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day”

What I like about the book: I like that the people always drop things. It’s funny. And I like that it has corn in it for Farmer Alfalfa. And I like that the fox goes underground. I like that it says “automobile sellman” on the sidewalk. I like when Lowly’s in the sandbag. My favorite story is the airplane one, because the grandma has a present for Huckle. And I like when Sally and Harry and Mommy have a bunch of groceries on their head. And Mommy has a funny face. And she’s eating the bag. And there’s a banana in the supper. And then there’s a mouse in the bathtub.

And I like how the egg truck has an egg on the back with a door to open to get the real eggs. And the bread car is made out of an old bread and you can eat it up. And I like that the apple car has an apple on the back that says “APPLES” and there’s lots of real apples inside of it.

And there’s a little pool with a worm thing you can go on to swim. And I like that on the next page the waiter is spilling all of his things off of the wheeled platform with a handle on it. And I like that there’s a 3 on the door.

I like that there’s a pie coming out of the pie truck. And everybody’s spilling things. I like it when Sgt. Murphy’s motorcycle slips on the banana peel and he crashes into Gorilla Bananas and there’s bananas flying everywhere. And I like that there’s water coming out of the window.

Why I like to sleep under it: Because it’s nice and big. It’s nice and dark. [The book makes me sleepy] because when I’m reading it for a while I get tired of it and then I fall asleep under the book. And then I think about the book while I’m sleeping under the book.

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