Butterfly: a book by Laurel

Butterfly, by Laurel
(images of butterflies, a peace sign, flowers, the sun and Laurel)

(two flowers, plus a butterfly with its proboscis.)

The eggs and the caterpillars and the milkweed leaves.

The caterpillars.

A branch, a caterpillar in a “J” shape, and two chrysalises.

The butterfly!


Function Train: a book by Laurel

Function Train
by Laurel [Ow]

Function Train Station

Function Train

A person tripping on their toe on the sidewalk.

The panda is sinking in the water, and he’s sad.

The guy fell down and his face turned red. And he was going to the hospital because he fell down.

Me, you and Papa are going surfing, and we were feeling happy.

The end
Function Train

Laurel’s favorite book to sleep under: a review

Richard Scarry’s “What Do People Do All Day”

What I like about the book: I like that the people always drop things. It’s funny. And I like that it has corn in it for Farmer Alfalfa. And I like that the fox goes underground. I like that it says “automobile sellman” on the sidewalk. I like when Lowly’s in the sandbag. My favorite story is the airplane one, because the grandma has a present for Huckle. And I like when Sally and Harry and Mommy have a bunch of groceries on their head. And Mommy has a funny face. And she’s eating the bag. And there’s a banana in the supper. And then there’s a mouse in the bathtub.

And I like how the egg truck has an egg on the back with a door to open to get the real eggs. And the bread car is made out of an old bread and you can eat it up. And I like that the apple car has an apple on the back that says “APPLES” and there’s lots of real apples inside of it.

And there’s a little pool with a worm thing you can go on to swim. And I like that on the next page the waiter is spilling all of his things off of the wheeled platform with a handle on it. And I like that there’s a 3 on the door.

I like that there’s a pie coming out of the pie truck. And everybody’s spilling things. I like it when Sgt. Murphy’s motorcycle slips on the banana peel and he crashes into Gorilla Bananas and there’s bananas flying everywhere. And I like that there’s water coming out of the window.

Why I like to sleep under it: Because it’s nice and big. It’s nice and dark. [The book makes me sleepy] because when I’m reading it for a while I get tired of it and then I fall asleep under the book. And then I think about the book while I’m sleeping under the book.