Alphabets are all you need

Laurel moved to a new preschool classroom in July for the 4-year-olds and young 5-year-olds who aren’t eligible for kindergarten yet. Earlier this year she was a “dolphin,” and now she is a “whale.” At first she was a little uneasy with the transition (her new campus is a couple of blocks away from the old one, and no longer in the same building with Devin). But in recent weeks she has developed a gigantic crush on one of her teachers, Sonya. Every day she spends time at home drawing pictures and writing notes for Sonya, putting them in envelopes, sealing them shut and writing Sonya’s (and her own) name on the outside. It’s adorable, aside from causing us to run out of envelopes, and so far Sonya doesn’t seem to mind the adoration. She’s a preschool teacher, so I’m guessing she’s been through it before.

At any rate, Laurel has been practicing writing a lot. Devin pointed out to her that she knew how to write pretty much all the letters, and helped her write them in order. She’s been pretty much on an alphabet-writing (and singing!) spree ever since. Sometimes it comes out sort of orderly, like the above. Other times … it’s much more random. The other day she asked me, “Mommy, how many Os are in the alphabet?” I think she was a bit skeptical when I told her there was only one. Later, I discovered an alphabet she wrote… that did indeed have a few extra Os in it.

She’s also still very interested in puzzles, and has memorized all of the puzzles she has (including the one of all the 50 states, in which each state is a puzzle piece, pretty much). One of her favorites is a depiction of the planets in the solar system, plus the Sun and Earth’s moon. She put it together one recent weekend, and then decided to write some of the names of the planets. This one was my favorite.