Four and a quarter

It’s summer(ish) in San Francisco, and the nice weather and long days have brought us outside more often. We’ve been working on our garden, and on Father’s Day we finally got around to planting Laurel’s placenta. It took us a long time — first because we wanted to own the place where it wound up, and second because we wanted to come up with the right plant/bush/tree to go with it. So now her placenta is feeding a California Bay Laurel, which we hope will do well in our yard. Laurel helped us plant everything and is excited about watching her Laurel plant grow.

Devin and Laurel recently made their own super-strong, super-stretchy bubble solution, which they’ve been playing with several times a week. Laurel’s bubble-blowing skills are rapidly improving as a result, although it’s unclear which she loves more: blowing bubbles or popping them! (We know which one Devin likes more. :) ) Also, our neighbors are happy about the bubbles that sometimes drift over their fences.

Laurel’s continuing to read new words, slowly but surely. She can now pretty much read the names of all the planets (although usually they’re right next to the planets, and she recognizes several of those by sight already, which helps). She’s also using the magnetized letters on the fridge to spell words. Her drawing skills are improving, with people looking a little more lifelike (complete with big round ears and pink cheeks), and cats looking catlike. Well, sort of. :)

She is also having more dreams, and learning what a bummer it is to dream about something cool and then wake up and realize it’s not real. Twice she’s woken up crying because of this. In one dream, she was playing with some kind of special cup that she could stick her finger through. In another, she was playing with a small blue spray bottle that sprayed “rainbow water.” I love the inventiveness of these toys and wish I could somehow make them real for her.

Her statements and conversations are becoming increasingly logical, even when she’s upset. The other night, when she didn’t get milk at a late bedtime after she fell asleep in the car, she wailed and said, “I feel like not having milk is making it hard for me to sleep.” The other day, she told our friend Tara that the cute cat ears on the rim of the bowl she was using “aren’t real.” And then there was this conversation from a couple of weeks ago:

Me: “Can you come get your laundry out of the dryer?”
Laurel: “No, thanks.”
Me: “Why not? Did your arms fall off?”
Laurel: “Yep.”
Me: “Then how are you riding that tricycle?”
Laurel: “I got prosthetic arms.”
Me: “Then you should be able to get your laundry out.”
Laurel: “No, they don’t work for that.”

— Beth