Almost four (and in love with her fire truck)

A couple of weeks ago, Laurel and I went to a thrift store in the Mission to donate some of her things that she’s not using anymore. We started poking around, first in the kids’ clothes and then in the toys. She really latched onto this fire truck, and she hasn’t had one at home, so I got it for her. Except for school, it has hardly left her side all week. At meals, she either has it on the table or under her chair. It’s next to her in bed at night, and she takes it with her when she wakes up. She hasn’t been this attached to a toy since she got her baby doll a couple of Christmases ago. 

Laurel is a month away from being four, and she’s making huge leaps. She seems a little calmer (or maybe that’s my imagination) — she’s still pushing buttons and boundaries, but the meltdowns and tantrums are a bit less. She has moved past some of her worst behavior. We’ll see if she has a last gasp before she reaches four — supposedly an age of equilibrium — but I’ve been enjoying her company a lot more the past couple of weeks. 

Since around Christmastime, she’s been really interested in anatomy and in what’s going on inside our bodies, so I got her “From Head to Toe: The Amazing Human Body and How It Works.” She wants to read it almost every day (in between Richard Scarry books). 

She’s also turned a corner in her writing and drawing skills. She’s starting to draw faces and other representational objects, and is occasionally practicing writing letters. She can make a convincing T, H, and N, and likes to draw C and U, although the Cs are usually backwards and the Us are usually upside-down. Devin also taught her to draw an inequality symbol, so she’s pretty keen on that one, too. 

Laurel is playing a lot with words and saying some funny things (sometimes intentionally, sometimes not). Here are a few choice selections: 

“There’s a McGuffin on your uterus!”

About the picture of faces linked above: “They’re monster faces. They won’t bite you, because they’re not real.”

“There’s a nipplepotamus in your bum!”

“Brush the toothbrush’s teeth.”

Now that I’m back at work, we’ve settled into a kind of morning routine that’s nice, and (sometimes) includes all of us walking to the BART station and riding BART together partway in the mornings. Laurel likes to sit in my lap and play “I Spy” as different people get on and off the trains. We tend to pick colors, which is a challenge with the weekday crowd, given that so many of them wear grey and black.

Another common theme around the household lately is the fact that Devin and I are both playing Ingress. We often try to include Laurel in the game, pointing out the landmarks where portals are located. She spends quite a lot of time talking about portals and resonators and links — presumably she isn’t the only preschooler in San Francisco who is. :)