The great big month of October (and part of November)

It’s been a hectic, topsy-turvy month, hence the lack of updates, but Laurel is another month older so it seems like a good time for a post. 

First, Laurel is doing really well at her new preschool. She’s still struggling with the long hours (and waking up earlier than her body clock wants to), but she loves it there. More than once I’ve come in at the end of the day and she’s so wrapped up in playing that she doesn’t hear me calling her name or talking to her.

We just had our first parent-teacher conference today and she’s right on track with just about everything. Being as fiercely independent as she is, though, she’s struggling to talk with the adults around, either when a) she’s in over her head with one of the other kids, and either she’s not using her words or she is but they’re not listening, or b) when she needs help, like when she needs her thermos opened at lunch so she can eat. She’s had a few occasions where her thermos comes home full because she forgot to ask for help. So they’re working on all that. Which is good, because she has some of those same issues at home. 

It was October, which meant Halloween. Laurel has been looking forward to Halloween since last Halloween, particularly her costume and the trick-or-treating. But I had to go to New York for a work trip. I wanted to make sure I got back in time for Oct. 31, so my flight home was scheduled for the 30th. But then Hurricane Sandy came along; fortunately, I managed to fly out a couple of days early and made it home. At school, Laurel dressed up as a donut (that’s her with her friend Thomas; her class has been doing a series of lessons revolving around donuts). On Halloween night, she wore her leopard costume again. She had a great night, reaped way too much candy, and fortunately hasn’t eaten much of it. 

She coped semi-well with my being gone (it was our first time apart since she was born). She had some sadness, probably due to a combination of missing me and being tired. I got back, and now Devin’s traveling for work, but she’s dealing with it better so far. He’s gone away a couple of times, so while she isn’t thrilled by it, she has more experience with the situation and knows he’ll come back. Overall, though, she’s dealing with the ups and downs really well. 

Oh, and she’s already talking about next Halloween. 

Because the election was happening, I tried to get Laurel interested in ideas related to voting, presidents, etc. We checked “Duck for President” out of the library. We watched some of the debates. We talked about election night. But it didn’t really spark her interest. (She did like the book, though.) 

— Beth