This Just In

For the past three days, Laurel has been experimenting with crawling — true hands-and-knees crawling. I’m not sure what brought it on. She acts really casual about it, as though she’s known how to do it all along. Already she crawls almost as fast as she scoots, which hopefully means she’ll figure out how much faster crawling can be. She’s also shown signs that she understands a few words and phrases that we say, has gotten the hang of drinking water from her sippy cup, and can finally get into a sitting position by herself. Nine months is turning out to be a pretty big deal around here.

— Beth

Nine Months On The Outside

Laurel’s 9-month “birthday” was on Monday. This means that she’s been on the outside about as long as she was on the inside. (Prior to that, it’s hard to say where she was, exactly. Thinking about *that* question is like thinking about infinity.) We celebrated by having lunch with a friend and then going to see the pediatrician, one of Laurel’s very few doctor visits where she didn’t get poked with a needle. She was still pretty cranky about it.

He’s happy with her development in general, and feels she’s a normal, healthy kid. He was slightly concerned that her ingenious scoot hasn’t turned into a proper hands-and-knees crawl, but since she’s also standing, cruising on furniture and traversing from tables to chairs and so forth at home, he’s not too worried about it. She surprised me last Thursday by pulling up to standing while holding on to my pants, and then letting go for a few seconds. I think she also surprised herself, because she promptly fell backwards onto her butt and cried a little. I suspect she’ll try again soon, though.

Although nobody’s been able to get a good look at her gums, they’re swelling in a few spots and the pediatrician said he thinks she’ll probably begin to have teeth in a month or so. (The range of ages for first teeth is something like 4 to 9 months; it’s been nice to have her toothless, especially for the sake of nursing, but I suppose it’ll be useful for her to have some teeth.)

I mentioned before that Laurel is beginning to use some sign language; the past couple of days she has been using the “milk” sign gratuitously — at men on Muni, at the cat, etc. — and in many cases when there was no milk in sight. It does look like she more or less knows what it means, though. Today, she was nursing at a friend’s house and she turned to her friend (who will be a year old this month) and signed “milk” as if to say, “I’m having milk!” Then, during her bottle, I asked if she was having milk and she signed to me and smiled. Tonight, she was nursing when I didn’t have much milk, and between let-downs she seemed to sign “more” and then “milk.” It’s interesting to watch her work out this new “word” and use it to communicate. I’m excited for her to learn more.

The other thing she’s been doing lately is using her wooden play structure as a kind of walker, pulling up on it and then pushing it around the room while she steps along behind it. She also does with her friends’ wagons. Anyhow, I got a little video of it tonight, which you can see here.

— Beth