How we grow

After our struggles last week, Laurel is gaining weight like it’s her job (which, as far as I’m concerned, it is) and developing even more goofy habits related to nursing. Her latest thing, especially at night when we’ve got lights on and she’s sleepy, is to nurse a while and then bury her head underneath the breast, where it’s nice and dark. But she’ll sling an arm protectively over the breast, as if to say, “I know it looks like I’m not using this, but I am. Hands off.”

She’s also started muttering and squeaking while she eats. The muttering is pretty cute; she sounds like she’s rasping, “Allright, allright” over and over again. It makes me call her “The breast whisperer.” I tell her, “You talk to the breast and tell it to give you milk.” And she says, Allrightallrightallright. The squeaks are more intermittent but just as cute. On top of that, she often winds up with her nose mashed into one side of my breast no matter what position we start in, so her breathing is audible. Devin says it sounds like I’m nursing an elderly vacuum cleaner.

But I love how, when she’s worked up about being hungry and we put her on the breast, the look in her eyes changes from Oh god I thought I’d never see you again to deep and total peace.

We’ve been glancing at the developmental milestones guidelines to figure out what she might be up to by the end of her first month. Admittedly, the first four weeks aren’t a huge hurdle for her, but there are a few things. She can already hold her head up for short periods, although not so reliably that we don’t hang on to it like it could pop off at any moment.

And just the other night, after a nice long nurse, we laid down and she looked at me with her wide open eyes. I showed her my hand, which startled her at first, but then as I moved my hand slowly back and forth in front of her, she followed it with her eyes. She did it again the next day, and with a bit more control, so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a fluke.

— Beth