Day three

To briefly itemize:

  • Changing diapers not too bad an undertaking thus far, even when one is sort of obliged to inventory their contents for the sake of medical professionals. Slight bloody streaks disconcerting but allegedly normal for newborn girls.
  • Nursing an expectedly fiddly business, but improving.
  • Returned birth tub today. Walking along Valencia so as to bring back tacos, something blew in my eye that I still haven’t managed to extricate. Hoping Laurel doesn’t learn to emulate her father’s myopic squinting.
  • Flower is a splendid game for newborns. It’s got soothing music, you can play it with only one hand, and it doesn’t matter how little you’ve slept.
  • Laurel still sleeps a decent amount, and is happy to do so in American Academy of Pediatrics-approved positions.
  • Baby TV continues.