A peek inside the baby’s room

So, we’ve succeeded in clearing out half a room for the baby and setting up furniture, decor, etc. — possibly more than we’ll need, especially since we’re hoping the baby will like sleeping with us for the first long while. But anyway, here are a few snapshots from tonight:

From left to right, there’s a dresser with little slide-out baskets we plan to use to store diaper-change stuff, and it’s topped with a changing mat. Next to it is one of two diaper pail thingies we plan to have. Above that is the owl-and-pussycat litho I got off ebay, and above that is a not-quite-finished shelf Devin built. Then there’s the closet (door closed), the bookshelf-full-of-homebirth-supplies, and the crib. On the floor is the green cotton rag rug we ordered; it finally arrived last week.

Here’s the opposite wall. Not very exciting — more space for books, toys, etc., and more of the Mike Dutton art (the other piece, half cut off, is over the crib in the prior shot).

Our desks/”office” are still in the other half of the room, for the time being. We’ll move out when the baby starts using the room more and needing more space for itself.

We’ve also done little projects around the house. The carpets got steam-cleaned last week; Devin fixed all the over-painted kitchen cupboard doors so they close properly; I’ve been on mad, random tidying sprees (like cleaning out the freezer so I can cook and store meals). I plowed through a box of random utility stuff yesterday and Devin said he was going to tie me to something if this need to de-clutter keeps up. :P

Now all we need is … supplies!

— Beth