Ready for my inspection, ma’am

We’re back from our “anatomy scan,” the mid-point sonogram where we make sure the baby has the right number of limbs, heads, etc. (it does) and that all its organs are in the correct place (i.e. inside, not outside, its body). Everything looks shockingly normal, down to the two kidneys, one stomach, and single four-chambered heart.

Here’s a profile shot of 3/4ths of the baby (yes, it does have legs below the knees — I kind of wish she’d given us a picture of the baby relaxing with its legs crossed; it has very cute knees). Right to left: thighs, torso — I think that dark spot is the stomach — and head:

A foot! More specifically, the left foot, I think — possibly with the same wonky pinky toes I have:

Frontal face shots of babies at this stage are pretty creepy and skeletal, but there you go. The baby had its arms bent at the elbows and its hands up near its face (or covering its ear, possibly, with the right hand):

They started off looking at the top of the baby’s head — which turned out to be kind of a challenge, since it was laying with its head nestled in my cervix. The sonographer wound up tilting the table so my head was angled a bit toward the floor, sliding the baby’s head just up above my pelvic bone. The brain looks good, and no doubt the Seed is up to no good with it already. :) The heart rate was 152 beats per minute.

The little one wasn’t nearly as active this time as last time, but I could definitely see and feel it wiggling around during the scan. I was also pretty surprised to find out that the placenta is on the front wall of my uterus — typically women with frontal placentas don’t tend to feel their babies moving so early, but I’m apparently feeling it even through all that cushioning. Either this baby’s strong or I have the most sensitive uterus ever.

We went in not wanting to know the gender, and it sounds like we’d have had a tough time finding out anyway — the first sonographer said she didn’t see it, either, especially because the baby’s legs were crossed and its knees were close together. We looked away, just in case, to avoid any spoilers. :)

I also got the results of my second-trimester blood screen and it echoed the very low risk we have of Down Syndrome or Trisomy 18/21, and came back negative for all the neural-tube defects. Of course, these are not 100% conclusive, etc. etc., and they even made us sign a silly form saying we weren’t going to have amniocentesis, but both the sonographer and the doctor said everything on the baby looks totally, utterly healthy.

(It’s potentially worth noting that I’m not *quite* at the mid-way point yet — 18 weeks and 3 days today.)

Also this week, we’ve spent a bunch of time decluttering the house (though we are nowhere near finished) and I signed us up for a birth class that starts in early January — we’ll be cutting it a little bit close, but I really like this instructor and it’s on a good day and time for us. I’m a little glad we won’t be having holidays and classes at the same time, too. Devin is poking around looking for a GP who also does pediatrics — I don’t have a GP and neither does he, but it’d be good to have someone lined up for the baby when the time comes.

— Beth


  1. Bkwyrm said,

    October 2, 2008 at 6:30 pm

    YAY. I am SO excited. Hi, baby! (I am waving inanely on my couch in Chicago.)

  2. mordwen said,

    October 2, 2008 at 7:37 pm

    I thought that was pretty early for your mid-way scan… but yay!! Isn’t it amazing? I’ve been so slack with getting my pics and video up from mine.

    So glad to hear everything is still all going well. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have bad news at this point. We get so attached to this being already; if we had to say goodbye now… heartbreaking decisions.

  3. thecarrawayseed said,

    October 2, 2008 at 7:40 pm

    The earliest they can do it is 18 weeks, and there were no appointment times that worked for us in the next couple of weeks; the reason this one worked is I took a week off from work!

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