Can you hear me now?

I keep watching the week-by-week development descriptions to figure out when the baby might begin to be able to hear (and process that it’s hearing, since the detailed bits in the ears allegedly form a few weeks earlier than the auditory nerves and the brain centers responsible for understanding sound). It seems to be sometime in the 15-20 week range, but nobody agrees on exactly when it is, and probably for good reason; it just varies.

That said, this week would’ve been a good time for the Seed’s hearing to kick in, since election season is heating up and we had an 8:30 Monday morning meeting to learn about all 22 measures on the San Francisco ballot this November. At least the little one will know whether to vote for or against municipal electricity, the Historic Landmark Commission or merging the Transportation Authority with Muni. A couple of weeks ago, one of my co-workers said that by the time the baby is born, it will have sat through enough news meetings to know how to pitch a story idea. Ha.

I’ve also started occasionally listening to my belly with a stethoscope, which I didn’t expect to yield any real results in terms of being able to hear the baby. It hasn’t, but now I have a much more intimate understanding of all the gurgling noises the baby is probably hearing day in and day out. Our midwife said she would be surprised if my success was any different — and that she has trouble hearing babies with stethoscopes at any time in pregnancy. Oh well.

And, lastly, I’m almost definitely feeling the little one move now and then throughout the day — it’s still mostly a mild fluttering feeling, or “wiggling” as I’ve been calling it, though yesterday during deadlines I felt a very rhythmic thump, thump, thump that I thought sure was proof the baby has inherited my sense of rhythm. Turns out it was probably just hiccups. And yet — hiccups! Awww. Hic.

— Beth